Stampy’s Lovely World FULL WORLD Download – Minecraft

It’s finally here! After hundreds of hours of work, a full recreation of Stampy’s Lovely World is available for download! Unlike many other attempted recreations you will find online, this is completely up to date – it’s correct up to episode 657.

It includes Stampy’s entire house, every building in the town, including Lovely Inc, the Airport and the Court of Paw, and every minigame in Stampy’s Funland, from the Creeper Coaster to Ender Golf. The map was created on the original seed so it is 100% accurate. Nowhere else will you find Stampy’s newest buildings and minigames, like Bingo, Good News, Music Master and the Temple series of games. The world is available to download on PC and is compatible with 1.12.2. Have fun exploring Stampy’s Lovely World!

You can download the map here:

Download — Java Edition

Download — Bedrock Edition

Nintendo Club to sponsor #89 car in NASCAR Reddit Cup Series

The #89 Ford Mustang has today announced its full-season sponsorship of a car in the NASCAR Reddit Cup Series. The #89 Ford Mustang is fielded by Ewan James Racing (EJR) and owner Ewan James will go behind the wheel in select races, starting with Atlanta Motor Speedway. The NASCAR Reddit Cup Series takes place on the NR2003 simulator.

Owner Ewan James said “I’m really pleased to be able to secure a full-season sponsorship with Nintendo Club. We chose our first car number, 89, because the company Nintendo was founded in 1889. We thought it would be fitting given our sponsor! I can’t wait to get on the track and hopefully get the 89 car in Victory Lane.”

EJR will also field the 64 Ford Mustang part time, sponsored by GAME.