Stampy’s Lovely World FULL WORLD Download – Minecraft

It’s finally here! After hundreds of hours of work, a full recreation of Stampy’s Lovely World is available for download! Unlike many other attempted recreations you will find online, this is completely up to date – it’s correct up to episode 657.

It includes Stampy’s entire house, every building in the town, including Lovely Inc, the Airport and the Court of Paw, and every minigame in Stampy’s Funland, from the Creeper Coaster to Ender Golf. The map was created on the original seed so it is 100% accurate. Nowhere else will you find Stampy’s newest buildings and minigames, like Bingo, Good News, Music Master and the Temple series of games. The world is available to download on PC and is compatible with 1.12.2. Have fun exploring Stampy’s Lovely World!

You can download the map here:

Download — Java Edition

Download — Bedrock Edition

Contributor Article – Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!

Punch-Out!! was released in September of 1987 for the NES. The game’s premise is the classic underdog story. A rookie boxer known as Little Mac wants to make it to the big leagues of boxing and must work his way to the top fighting various opponents, all varying in difficulty and power. Punch-Out!!’s game-play is built around dodging enemy punches and swiftly countering. The player can either jab left and right or do Little Mac’s star punch, his uppercut. In order to use his uppercut the player must first get a star by either jabbing the opponent moments before they punch or moments after they punch. Punch-Out!! is all about timing. Without timing, nobody can get very far.

Punch-Out!! features 10 unique boxers to play against, all having their own personality, strategy and timings. The graphics don’t hold up the best today but were very good when they were released. The theme tune is iconic to the franchise, making every match that bit more exciting. Punch-Out!!’s gameplay is timeless being satisfying and challenging – definitely one of the highlights of the NES’s lifespan.

Nintendo Club to sponsor #89 car in NASCAR Reddit Cup Series

The #89 Ford Mustang has today announced its full-season sponsorship of a car in the NASCAR Reddit Cup Series. The #89 Ford Mustang is fielded by Ewan James Racing (EJR) and owner Ewan James will go behind the wheel in select races, starting with Atlanta Motor Speedway. The NASCAR Reddit Cup Series takes place on the NR2003 simulator.

Owner Ewan James said “I’m really pleased to be able to secure a full-season sponsorship with Nintendo Club. We chose our first car number, 89, because the company Nintendo was founded in 1889. We thought it would be fitting given our sponsor! I can’t wait to get on the track and hopefully get the 89 car in Victory Lane.”

EJR will also field the 64 Ford Mustang part time, sponsored by GAME.

Nintendo Direct 13/02/2019

This evening, on February 13th, there will be a Nintendo direct at 10PM UK time. Be sure to tune in for new announcements and updates on upcoming games. A full Nintendo Direct roundup will be posted after the Direct!

Nintendo News 11th September: Nintendo Direct, SNES Mini stock

Nintendo Direct Announced

Today Nintendo announced that a new Nintendo Direct will take place on Wednesday 13th September at 23:00 UK time. At 45 minutes long, the Direct will be longer than this year’s E3 Spotlight event. It will focus on new games for Switch and 3DS in the coming months and will include new information on Super Mario Odyssey.

Back from the dead!

Both the NES Mini and the SNES Mini will be receiving extended production runs, lasting until 2018. The NES Mini was previously announced as being discontinued, so this extended production run will give Nintendo fans another chance to get the rare console. The SNES Mini’s production has been extended from Christmas 2017 to sometime in 2018.


Sonic Forces Releases 7th November with Bonus Edition

Sega has today announced a release date for Sonic Forces: 7th November.

The bonus edition is only for preorders, and comes with a skin to stick on your Joy-Cons and Grip and five exclusive costumes from other Sega and ATLUS games, including Super Monkey Ball, Persona 5 and Jet Set Radio.

Sonic Forces is the second Sonic game to be released this year, following the critically acclaimed Sonic Mania. In the style of Sonic Generations, you can play as three different characters: Classic Sonic, Modern Sonic, and a custom character you can make yourself.

Sonic Forces for Nintendo Switch is available to preorder on Amazon UK for £34.99.

New Splatfest-exclusive stage revealed for Splatoon 2

A new Splatoon 2 stage has been revealed that’s exclusive to Splatfests. The new stage, Shifty Station (or Mystery Zone in Japanese) makes its debut on the 5th August in the first Splatfest along with 2 other randomly-picked stages. Shifty Station will appear only at Splatfests and will take on a new form each time.



The History of Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training

Welcome! In this feature, we’re going to look at the history of the Brain Training series to celebrate the release of Dr Kawashima’s Devilish Brain Training: Can You Stay Focused?

Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training: How Old is Your Brain?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? What are you looking at, Dr Kawashima?!

Called Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! in the States, the first title in the series was released in May 2005 in Japan and June 2006 in the UK for the Nintendo DS. The gap between the Japanese and European releases is a recurring theme throughout the series. The game is designed to be played for a small amount each day, rather like the Animal Crossing series. The main mode is called Brain Age Check, where you have to complete a number of challenges in order for Dr Kawashima to work out ‘how old’ you brain is, with an optimal score of 20. The game makes clever use of the microphone, where it is the star of the Speed Counting minigame, testing how fast you can count to 120. Other minigames include Word Memory, testing how many of 30 four-letter words you can remember after 2 minutes, and Calculations X 20, which sees the user completing 20 simple calculations as fast as possible. This minigame includes another unique input method of handwriting recognition. The game was received fairly well with a 77/100 on Metacritic. Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training acheived a lifetime sales figure of 19,100,000. The game later received a Wii U Virtual Console release in 2015.

More Brain Training from Dr Kawashima: How Old is Your Brain?

The sequel to Brain Training was released in December 2005 in Japan and June 2007 in the UK. One of the best additions to this game was the minigame Virus Buster, a simplified version of Dr. Mario. As well as this new game, every single minigame in Brain Age Check is brand-new. In Rock, Paper, Scissors, a symbol shows up on the screen and the player must speak out loud the winning choice as fast as possible. In Serial Substraction, a large number is shown and the player must continually subtract a smaller number. In High Number the player must pick out the highest number out of the ones shown on the screen. Number Memory presents a 5×5 grid of the numbers 1 to 25 in a random order. After 2 minutes, the player must reproduce the entire grid from memory. In Symbol Match, a key is shown linking the numbers 0 to 9 with symbols like £, < and &. A number is shown and the player must write  the corresponding symbol. Brain Training 2 acheived a score of 77/100 on Metacritic, with a lifetime sales figure of 14,880,000.

A Little Bit Of… Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training

A series of 3 compliations of Brain Training games was released under the title of A Little Bit Of… . The series consisted of Maths, Arts & Letters and Sudoku, releasing in June, October and August 2009 respectively in the UK. They were released on the DSi Shop.

Dr Kawashima’s Devilish Brain Training: Can You Stay Focused?

When making a Mii, Dr Kawashima was quite offended about the smoothness of their skin.

The fourth installment of the series, Devilish Brain Training, is the first title to have been released on the Nintendo 3DS. It was released in July 2012 in Japan, but poor old Europe was left behind, with the UK version releasing a whopping 5 years later in July 2017!

This addition to the series focuses primarily on concentration and avoiding the distractions of the outside world. This time, the game is only meant to be played for 5 minutes a day, so don’t get this game for a full gaming experience. The main minigame in the collection is called Devilish Calculations. You have to answer simple sums, but in a delayed manner. You have to answer the question that appeared 2 to 4 questions ago while constantly adding new ones, bearing a very strong resemblance to the Two Ronnies sketch “Mastermind“. The game comes with a dynamic difficulty, so it always presents the right difficulty for to you.

Dr Kawashima’s Devilish Brain Training is available to buy from Amazon UK for £17.29.

Nintendo News Roundup- July

Hello! Welcome to Nintendo News Roundup. In this monthly feature, we’re going to be discussing the topics relevant to Nintendo fans. So, without further ado, let’s-a-go!

Nintendo Switch Online App

Nintendo’s upcoming paid service, Nintendo Switch Online, released its mobile app this month for iOS and Android users. The app launched alongside Splatoon 2, showcasing Splatnet 2. Splatnet 2 lets you see your battle stats for your past 50 games, telling you how much turf you inked, how many splats you got and even the gear of your opponents!

Although the app has many useful features for Splatoon 2, some features have been heavily criticised by users, the biggest problem being voice chat. The app is the sole location of the voice chat feature, so if you don’t have a mobile device you won’t be able to get in on the action. The app has to be open at all times for voice chat to work. Hopefully Nintendo will release an update in the future. The full Nintendo Switch Online service will release in 2018, with a one-year subscription costing 19.99 (about £17.99).

First Splatoon 2 DLC released

Less than 2 days after the game’s launch, the first of many Splatoon 2 updates was released. The free content update contained a new weapon, the Inkbrush. This weapon is in the roller category, with a small ink spread but a high running speed and large flicks of ink. All updates for Splatoon 2 will be free, and the game will receive updates for a year, with Splatfests lasting for 2 years.

First Splatoon 2 Splatfest announced

The theme of the first full Splatoon 2 Splatfest has been announced, taking place from 5/07 – 6/07 – are you Team Mayo or Team Ketchup?  This Splatfest sees the first ever use of red ink, which Nintendo did not allow in the original Splatoon due to its similarity to blood. Let us know who you think will win!

New Minecraft Switch update

A new update for Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition has been released, and it’s a good one! As well as adding a host of new features, the resolution of docked mode has been upgraded from 720p to a Full-HD 1080p. Splitscreen multiplayer lag has also been eliminated! A full changelog for the update, including feature additions and bug fixes, can be found here.

Mario Kart Arcade GP VR released

On the 14th July, Mario Kart Arcade GP VR was released in arcades across Japan, the first Mario Kart game to be entirely in first person. The game features players donning a VR headset, driving with one hand and holding and throwing items with the other. Each arcade machine has a single playable character chosen from Mario, Luigi, Peach and Yoshi.